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Music for the Soul

Posted by cjoshua15 on October 24, 2006

What a blessing! I was driving to work the other morning and heard a familiar voice talking with our local Christian radio personality. I had been in the habit of listening to the pop Christian station but that morning every button I pushed on the radio was going to the local station. They were interviewing Scott Krippayne about a project he was involved with called Music for the Soul. I heard the words to a beautiful song about a breast cancer patient that broke my heart. When I got to work I looked up the website and have spoken with the president of the company. They provide music CDs targeted at specific needs of individuals to help them cope with the difficulties in life through God. I was just overwhelmed to see future projects that hit the needs of myself and folks around me.

Give it a try, they provide the lyrics to the music as well.


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Posted by cjoshua15 on September 29, 2006

There has been a lot of talk lately at church about reaching the lost.  I know that should be a normal part of church but maybe it is just me hearing something a little louder than normal.  God has a way of doing that before He extracts the 2×4 from his lumber yard.  The fishing net thing has really been on my mind.  Matthew reveals the nets used when Jesus called Peter and Andrew to be fishers of men.  They changed the use of their nets.  In John, Jesus filled their nets with fish when they thought there was no more to catch.

My net a lot of time is the size of a goldfish bowl net.  I’m not throwing it anywhere and if I did it isn’t going far from me.  I’m not leaving my comfort zone and heaving with all my might to toss a net away from me.  There is nothing required of me that God hasn’t given me the ability to do but I have set limitations or laziness has taken over, both of which I am responsible for the hindrance on God’s work.

This isn’t a Peter Piper type of thing where I lead and they will follow, it is about souls being saved because I have turned to face the people God wants to come to Him.  I have to work for Him and put the backbone into tossing the net.  I know I don’t possess the pied piper capability but with some work and prayer, the net could be enlarged to encompass a larger portion of my vicinity for God.

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Turning 40!

Posted by cjoshua15 on August 8, 2006

Well, I thought that turning 40 was no big deal. I didn’t fall apart and break down. That happened over the past several years. Although the doctors have done good to rebuild me. I know that my friends enjoyed me turning 40 more than I did, but I’m not sure how that works if they are all quickly approaching 50! I’m looking at it like, I’m closer to half a century old but not quite. I should know more now and know better. That doesn’t always work. They figured that my ADD was being taken over by age, or at least that is a good reason for forgetting the same thing 3 times in a 2 minute span at WalMart and calling to be reminded what it was. It was entertaining enough for them to get me this hat to remind me of my forgetfulness.

Senior hat There is much to be said for having a senior moment. It handles getting me out of trouble because I just forgot, at least there is some sense behind it now. The gray hairs, they are still external storage from my brain being full and they sometimes remind me I am 40 and not 20. Getting a haircut is a serious brain dump.  I still haven’t figured out how to access the external storage.  Usually, it is way too late and I’ve done more than I should have. Any way, 40 isn’t so bad, when I start to act like I’m 40 then maybe things will be different. Until then, I am only as old as I act. Somedays, that isn’t much.

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FUGE on the bus

Posted by cjoshua15 on July 22, 2006

it is 11:40 am here and we have left camp with a group of tired kids

we will stop in asheville for lunch then be on our way home

they are pumped up for Christ and Eastdale, feed that in them, pray for them, pray for travel

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FUGE day 5

Posted by cjoshua15 on July 21, 2006

we are so very tired today, pray for strength

MegaRelay is today during rec time and the kids are looking forward to it.

Tonite the track for choir performs as well as oe of the movement groups and we have folks in that.

Bill will compete in Dill or No Dill tonite for a chance at some great prizes, pray for him.

Continue to pray for the group as God is working in everyone.

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