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Could of had a V8!

Posted by cjoshua15 on October 12, 2007

Those great commercials are back with the direct jarring of the head to scramble the thought process that kept them from drinking a V8 with great nutrients and settling for junk that wasn’t good for them.  I keep thinking that is what God is doing in my life right now.  The same scripture passages in Exodus keeps cropping up in my daily life.  Moses went up the mountain to meet with God and the Israelites didn’t have the patience to wait for him to come down.  So, in his absence Aaron constructed a golden calf for the Israelites to worship.  They couldn’t even wait 40 days for him to return with God’s instructions.  Even worse, they sacrificed at the altar of the calf. 

I am seeing that not waiting on the timing of God can have mentally the same affect as missing the V8.  It seems obvious but it is so small when many things at one time would be better, right?  All the nutrients packed in one drink; it makes more sense to have some of all the stuff in it so it looks like more.  God’s blessings often times come in small compact packages when it would seem more would be better and look better.  Realizing it isn’t about the look of what you have but the light of what you are in Christ that is the real revelation.  The 2×4 smack that reminds me if I just waited the blessing would have been more than me trying to assist in the process.

The world is a very visual place these days and keeping up with the neighbors is more like keeping up with a community.  It is not possible!  When those things become the calves before the altar we are willing to sacrifice to have, the God that loves us so becomes window dressing for Sundays.  God removed the altar of sacrifice because He made the ultimate sacrifice for everyone through Christ.  I must remember every day that what I have is a gift from God, what I want would be more blessings or corrective directive if He chooses not to give it to me.  Taking what I want is only asking for the V8 knock to come quickly.


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