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A movie I just need to share…

Posted by cjoshua15 on October 9, 2007

Flywheel This movie is put out by the same folks that did Facing the Giants, Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  I had it laying around for a while not sure that I would actually watch it.  One night last week I was extremely ill and some medication the doctor gave me required me to sit up after taking.  I figured it was 3am and all that was on tv was paid programming so what would it hurt to watch the movie.  The case said 2 hours so I started rethinking dedicating myself to 2 hours at 3am.  There wasn’t a lot of time for sleep before work if I did that.  The illness reminded me I was going to be sitting up for a while so oh well.  I didn’t read the synopsis or anything I just figured Facing the Giants was so great they probably did a good job.  I was so overly blessed by this movie I can’t explain in words.  Take the time, watch it with your family, it is absolutely a great reminder of the AWESOME God we have and how HE blesses us so.  I don’t remember the 2 hours passing watching the movie but they did and God gave me energy for the day.Flywheel

4 Responses to “A movie I just need to share…”

  1. Jim Drake said

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I hope you’re feeling better!

  2. cami said

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m feeling better, this sleeping sitting up is getting old.

    Don’t miss an opportunity to see the movie. God really is amazing in what He can do in our lives if we let Him.

  3. Donna Norris said

    Welcome back!

  4. cami said

    OMG! Donna, are you still blindly blogging?! Good to know some folks are still out there. This is a movie if I had the means I would make sure every business person in America would see.

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