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Evan Almighty?

Posted by cjoshua15 on June 13, 2007

I haven’t seen the movie, so I’m stating that up front.  I’m just thinking about the premise for the movie.  There are a lot of ads for the movie, now a website, www.arkalmighty.com, and I’m sure more promotional items to come.  I have read reviews and the synopsis about the movie.  I cringed at the first commercial about this movie.  I’m sure there is great humor and the preview reviews say it is a good “family” movie.  My concern is the Biblical aspect.  Does it take a movie for us to do nice things for folks or does it take a movie to inspire a website to get a kick start in communities?  The flood happened and we have a promise that there won’t be another so why promote it?  Not to mention that the movie tries to humanize God to the level of us, we won’t ever be on His level.  If we go to the movie to just take it for the entertainment are we endorsing the toleration of the Biblically wrong things in the movie?

 I don’t have the answers but I have lots of questions.


2 Responses to “Evan Almighty?”

  1. jipmeister said

    Sometimes it takes great tragedy for us to “get it” whether “it” is something as basic as learning to be kind to others or as complex as learning to forgive and love others. If it only takes a movie to get that Praise God!
    God didn’t just make a promise He made a covenant – big difference
    I’m not sure what you are concerned about the movie promoting – I just take it as satire, a comedy. I don’t think even the most ignorant would take it for true Biblical scholarship.

    I can’t help but think that while there was a lot of drama and so much more when Noah was building that ark I also can’t help but imagine that there was a HUGE abundance of humor as well..I mean really…he’s on a big boat with only his family and a bazillion animals, if that isn’t a set up for some real humor I don’t know what is! It’s important to see the seriousness and the reality of it – this was God’s judgment on a sinful people, His covenant was also a very serious and far reaching thing but I think it’s also important to not miss the humor when it’s there.

    I’m not for a minute expecting a lot of biblical accuracy from that movie but if nothing else maybe just an enjoyable, fun movie.
    I don’t think there is a danger of people mistaking Morgan Freeman for the One True God…after all there were many people who didn’t believe when God did bring himself down to our level in the person of Jesus Christ.

  2. cami said

    I’m sure lots of folks will see this movie and it will be funny. I think Dr Dobson in his response on PluggedInOnline, summed it up best: “From my perspective, it is a shame that the movie is flawed in ways that could have so easily been avoided.”

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