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Posted by cjoshua15 on April 26, 2007

I was listening to prayer meeting last week when the pastor made a comment about Jesus making our reservations in the mansions of Heaven for our eternity.  Those are great reservations but that got me to thinking.  The company I work for has folks that attend several conference throughout the year and if someone has to cancel out that usually include the hotel reservation as part of the package.  Some of those folks charge a hefty cancellation fee if not done in time prior to the conference.  Booking a vacation and cancelling could cost a penalty if you have to back out after the cancellation deadline.

The penalty for canceling out of our reservation in Heaven is Hell.  There is no deadline until death.  A burning pit of satan has got to be some incentive to keep that reservation.  I am guilty so many times of causing my own reservation to be in jeopardy, but the Savior that loves each of us says my child, repent and I forgive.  It would seem to be easy to live a life for Him and at times it comes natural but at other times it is a fall on my face request for forgiveness to keep that reservation.  I just don’t want to get to the gates of Heaven and hear Jesus say, “Depart from me, for I never knew you”.

Thank you Jesus for your unending mercy and grace.


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