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Foot Washing

Posted by cjoshua15 on April 3, 2007

John 13:1-17 references Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.  This past Sunday I experienced my first feet washing ceremony during Sunday School.  When the teacher made the comment that we weren’t going to use the normal literature for class I was okay with that.  But, when she said we were going to have a foot washing ceremony I could feel my body temperature rise and my comfort zone was being removed very quickly.  I’m sitting there thinking, I know I took a shower today but now I’m being asked to take off my shoes and socks for some stranger to wash my feet.  I know that my feet weren’t covered with the dirt of the disciples traveled feet, but still, I didn’t want to take the chance that my sweat factor was extending to my feet at this point.  They turned the lights down to bring a different mood to the room and it certainly did that.  All of a sudden it was like there was no choice, Peter was not wanting Jesus to wash his feet, but I was more about anyone washing my feet was not going well.

I remember closing my eyes to pray and for some reason removed my shoes and socks.  When they took the assignment, 3 ladies stood to wash the feet of the class.  The woman that came my direction made me feel so undeserving, I cried because I should be washing her feet, not her washing mine.  Someone that I truly respect and admire as such a woman of God, a mentor of what a Godly woman is made of, and her many struggles with physical pain was on her knees on a hard floor in front of me hugging me and praying for me and telling me she loved me.  We were both weeping and she washed my feet.  This was a God-thing and all about a God-thing.  The entire class had eyes and Kleenex wetter than our feet when all was done.

I can’t explain it but when she was done and had moved on to the next lady I prepared to put my socks and shoes back on.  My socks glided on my feet as if covering silk.  My feet had a freshness that was different than any other time in my life I had washed them.

We continued the class when that was complete with a communion to close the class and it was as if the small portion was an entire meal.

What a blessing to be taken out of my comfort zone.  God does great things when we are willing to get out of our comfort zone, thank you Jesus for these blessings.


One Response to “Foot Washing”

  1. Beckie said

    WOW! That’s how I felt during my first foot washing. A truly humbling experience! We used to attend a church that participated in foot washing a couple of times a year. Come by and visit me on my regular blog at A Child of God.

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