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For God so loved…

Posted by cjoshua15 on February 27, 2007

I remember memorizing John 3:16 as a kid. Today in church we have Bible drill for the kids and AWANAs to help them with scripture memorization. Why do we memorize and why is it that the first verse most folks learn is John 3:16? Christ died and God loved US so much He gave His son to die. I fell away from church as a teenager and I don’t remember any other verses from those first 15 years of church. I remember the 15 years away from church falling into trouble more often than not, nothing bad, just not a very good example for anyone to follow after. I can remember during a sermon right before I accepted Christ as my Savior as an adult the preacher referring to Philippians 2:5 and that just kept eating away at me for so long. How could I have an attitude like Christ if there was only ever going to be one Christ? I could never be good enough to be like him. The verse has been a life verse for me because it is not about being Christ; it is about being like Christ. Our attitude says everything about us everywhere we go and to everyone that sees us. I know that my attitude isn’t right all the time, there is no way, I am human and I do act like it too much for my own good. But to strive to be like Christ, what a great goal in life and it really isn’t that hard. Watch what you say, and how you act everywhere you go. The thing is, it can’t be a show for the public, it has to be real and it has to be all the time, even when no one is watching, except God. I don’t want to be a leader; I just want to be a tool to lead others to Christ. I, by myself, cannot accomplish anything, it is the Christ that strengthens me and that is where I have to leave my burdens with Him at this point.

I have memorized many more verses since John 3:16, but the foundation for other verses is the fact that John 3:16 is there for all of us. My life verses are Philippians 2:5 and Joshua 1:5. Right now in life I am clinging to both of those dearly. Do you have a life verse and does it make your life a living verse to the world?


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