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Flying South…

Posted by cjoshua15 on January 12, 2007

I was driving to work yesterday when I noticed a flock of geese flying south for the winter. They were in their famous “V” formation. I kept thinking it was looking like a directional arrow. I decided to research why they fly in this formation and it is noted in several different sites that the “V” gives drafting and the lead bird rotates out to the rear when they get tired and the next one near the front takes over the lead. This gives them a great rotational system, a fantastic guidance better than GPS, no one is ever more in the lead than any other, and the layout of the “V” provides for a visual of each other and communication is better. I also found that when they sense a cross wind the standard “V” turns into more of a check mark look to handle the drafting. In addition to that, they are known to stop and eat when they sense the weather changing for a storm. They have trouble finding food during storms so they eat before the storm to ensure they have been fed.

The “V” being a directional arrow was what really sat heavy on my mind all day and night. So many times I’m looking for a physical sign of direction when in I need to be listening for a direction from God. I ask for His guidance and I’m thinking it will be something I can see, sometimes it is very visible, but other times, it is a matter of being quiet to listen and do what I’m told. I keep being reminded of Psalm 46:10 that plainly states, “Be still, and know that I am God.” I guess I need to use that “V” to represent “VOICE” to remind me that the directional arrow I see visually is also a voice that guides me if I allow it.


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