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Driver Permit

Posted by cjoshua15 on December 30, 2006

Okay, the time has come, my daughter decided that she really does want to learn to drive. I though maybe we had avoided that but several months later after turning 15 she has decided that she needs to learn to drive. Therefore, I must teach her. Anyone that knows me knows that this is an incredible thing God must gain full control of because teaching is not my thing. If I tell you once, you either wrote it down or got it, that is about the extent of my teaching. Not intentional, just me. We did our first real driving time in the church parking lot tonight and I’m sure the carpet on the passenger side is worn where there should be a brake pedal for parents. Did I mention I am a horrible passenger. I have regained most of my composure and she was pleased that I didn’t freak out too bad. We didn’t hit anything and the car still wHomeAloneorks. I may need to purchase another heating pad for my neck, the stopping whiplash is a little painful. She said one more good time in the church parking lot and she should be ready for the road.

I’m thinking we may still be driving in the church parking lot until she is 18. This growing up thing is really getting to me. I was okay with the teenager thing, I survived the first two years of it anyway. But this driving and being on the road with all the crazy folks and other teenagers, I’m not sure my nerves can take this. I’m still okay with driving her where she needs to go and a car is really not practical at college so I’m thinking I may try to convice her to just not worry about driving yet. Yeah, like that will work. Pray for me and for her. I’ll keep you posted on our driving success(?).


3 Responses to “Driver Permit”

  1. Dolan said

    You both are in our prayers.

  2. Rona said

    Our teen turns 15 years old next month. I’m right there with you during this exciting time.

  3. wow a temple…

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