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Walking the dog

Posted by cjoshua15 on December 4, 2006

I remember when I was a kid, like 7, my sister, who is 2 years younger than me, wanted to walk our dog. There were a few problems with this. Our dog, Lady, was a white Samoyed . She was a great deal bigger and quicker than my 5 year old sister. She didn’t go for a walk, she went for a run. A lot of begging and my parents gave in to her pleas.

Well, my sister got about 3 houses down the street and the neighbors had just brought their St Bernards to go for a walk. You can only imagine what started next . Their dogs started chasing our dog and my sister became the walked instead the walker. The next issue arose when our dog decided to come home dragging my sister behind. We lived in Arizona at the time and the landscaping for a front yard wasn’t pretty manicured grass, it was a great desert landscape filled with all kinds of cactus on a decorative mound in the middle of the yard with gravel instead of grass. Our dog made a beeline for the house and drug my sister behind. The dog made a clean leap over the cactus mound but my sister was not so lucky. She was drug through the mound. The jumping cactus attacked as did everything in there. She was covered in cactus needles. I remember the screaming from her.

The cactus mound could have been avoided if she had just listened to my parents warning that this was more than she could handle. She wanted to handle that much at once.

Sometimes we sign up for the things that find our foreheads engraved with stupid very visible to all. We want to take it on and believe we can handle it even though our Father is saying, stop, let me take this one.

I don’t remember signing up for some of the things I get myself into but if I allow God to take control of it the things I’m not supposed to be signed up for He will get my name off of the list.


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