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Celebrate the Season

Posted by cjoshua15 on November 20, 2006

As we enter this Advent season we prepare to celebrate. What are we celebrating? Are we gearing up for Christmas morning? Are the decorations enough? Do we have plenty of food for the guests?

The newspaper on Thursday will be filled with several sales advertisements. Many will gather together in search of the best price for those Christmas presents. They will make plans on which stores to hit and what time they need to be where. A lot of work will go into Friday’s shopping attack. Many will lose their religion in search for those popular gifts. The traffic will be awful, moods will turn greedy, and the reason will be lost.

This season is a celebration of God’s gift to humanity. We are gearing up for a birthday party like non other. Knowing that God gave us His son Jesus Christ as His gift is a miracle.

With the thought of that miracle gift shouldn’t we adjust our focus to the birth of Jesus Christ? YES! Without Him we have nothing! That day of shopping becomes a huge frustration when you forget to take Jesus with you. The birth is the reason for the season. Remind those around you. Smile to all, it is contagious. Plan for the birthday party, include Jesus in all that you do. Give thanks for the gift that is so precious it cannot be returned.

The snow flurries blow
Welcoming the season.
The toy store is stocked
With the newest whatnots.
Big baby dolls, red fire trucks,
And lots of bouncy balls.
Tinsel and lights strung through the mall,
Leading to Santa in his chair.
Children giving him their wishes,
The sky is the limit.
One little girl, dress torn, whispers,
“Just one gift please,
The gift is for the baby.”
Tears streaking down her tender cheeks,
Love flowing from her eyes.
“Please give my heart to the baby,
To the baby Jesus!”


One Response to “Celebrate the Season”

  1. jipmeister said

    For many years I’ve watched as various families lit an Advent candle and read scripture each Sunday morning during December. That was the extent of my experience of Advent.
    Last year we made a small Advent wreath and placed it on our table at home. Each night before dinner, together as a family, we lit a candle and read a passage of scripture and prayed together.
    This has so much to do with why I have been looking forward to Christmas for most of the year – ME – A former Christmas hater!!
    It brought the focus home, every day, in a very real way and brought my focus back to Jesus and less to stuff!
    This year we are also going to try to do a Jesse Tree – if I can get it all together in time.

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