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At the end of the Rainbow

Posted by cjoshua15 on November 1, 2006

I was watering the flowers at home this morning and noticed that a rainbow was in the sprinkler.  There is a scientific definition of the rainbow that has water and sunlight causing a color spectrum display.  But, Genesis 9:12-17 gives the real definition for the rainbow.  God gave the rainbow to remind us of His covenant with man to never flood the earth as He did with Noah.

A reminder of God’s covenant!  A rainbow that some believe has a pot of gold at the end, it does.  There is nothing more gold and rich than God.  Being able to visibly see His promise to us.  I was thinking as I saw the rainbow in the water of the sprinkler this morning, it was really close to me.   How great is it that God is so close to us.  I forget so many times that He is right there and what a great reminder to me of His presence in a beautiful spectrum of light.  He is within reach, He is just waiting for us to take His hand.


2 Responses to “At the end of the Rainbow”

  1. timglass said

    Cami, this is just to cool. The Lord’s Supper(Eucharist) is the reminder of God’s new covenant through Christ!
    “Being able to visibly see His promise to us.” This is the meaning of the Mass.
    “He is within reach, He is just waiting for us to take His hand.”
    As I recieve the bread, I recieve His body!
    Great post! Thanks for this!

  2. cami said

    I got to thinking when I was having my quiet time last night. I don’t have to be in a church to meet God. I don’t have to be anywhere special to meet Him, just willing to do so. I love the corporate worship and God loves that of us. The visibility factor is in everything. All that is around me is because of a gracious God. That crisp air this morning and the changing leaves all over my driveway, just another type of rainbow of color and reminder of His presence when I welcome it.

    The colors in the rainbow equal seven, what a great inclusion of His awesomeness. Seven days in the beginning, 6 of work, 1 of rest. There was mention that when the scientific community was trying to give the reasons behind a rainbow there was problems distinguishing the variations within the blue hue therefore the exact number of colors was unsure. Sometimes I find myself having problems distinguishing all that God is doing with me, but when I look closely and clearly with a pure heart, the colors are very clear as is the direction of God in my life.

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