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No more recess…

Posted by cjoshua15 on October 18, 2006

Okay, they have removed a lot of things from the schools and now they are banning age old recess games that build social and physical skills of kids. FoxNews reported on the ban of games like tag, touch football, dodgeball during recess in many schools.  Schools are afraid of kids getting hurt and their parents suing the school.  How many broken bones do you remember from recess?  That was just part of growing up.  So now we remove the capability for kids to be kids and parents to accept that fact.  Are we teaching them that they should expect to sue someone if they get injured, even if it was an accident or their own fault?  Okay, prayer has been removed, creation has been removed, corporal punishment has been removed, now recess games, what is next?


4 Responses to “No more recess…”

  1. jipmeister said

    Whatcha gonna do about it?

    I mean really…the reasons all of the things you mentioned were allowed to be removed from the public schools is due, at least in part, to regular people like you and me, being too shocked to say or do anything about it.

    The reason so many things are now permissible in our society that would’ve left our grandparents permenantly jaw-dropped is because somewhere along the line people who knew better, people who had the power of their voice and their presence and the Truth said and did nothing.

    There’s always a reason – most of them have to do with pride and our need/desire for approval of man more than God.

  2. Dolan said

    From the news article, “Several school administrators around Attleboro, a city of about 45,000 residents, took aim at dodgeball a few years ago, saying it was exclusionary and dangerous.”

    Exclusionary and dangerous, so is pregnancy. Is this the next ban?

  3. jipmeister said

    I’ve been reminded several times today of my comment to you. I think that might be an indication that I need to come back to this.
    First of all if I came off as harsh or over the top …I mean I know that recess and the moral ills of our society are on two different levels … please forgive me.
    That wasn’t my intention and while I still believe there is truth in what I said and I still feel just as strongly about it I realize that maybe in this particular context it was a little …over the top perhaps.
    The only explanation I can offer is a vague one about these issues of conflict and confrontation and courage and standing firm all on spin cycle in my thoughts lately and I haven’t been able to put them into anything close to coherent just yet.

    So that was the chord that it struck in me.

  4. cami said

    no harshness seen from here

    i was thinking, i wouldn’t think anything about those types of games at recess being a threat so I guess I wouln’t think that someone would create such a fuss to have them removed, some of that would happen behind the scenes because of folks unwilling to accept responsibility for accidents that were fully unintentional

    those of us in this world that aren’t in it for the greed don’t tend to see the need to remove such things as this from a normal day because we don’t see it as a problem, just part of normal growing up

    More and more I’m seeing that folks want to hold someone responsible for daily bumps and bruises and they want to make sure that it isn’t themselves. Accept no responsibility, blame everyone and everything else, making money in the process.

    God is left in the background because He couldn’t possibly be handling the situations! Not!!!! These things all happen for a reason, God said so. The fact that we can’t pray to protect the students before a day of school starts over the intercom removes our request to throw that hedge of protection upon them.

    I guess I need to change my thinking to believe that the world is capable of anything and become more proactive in not allowing rules to be changed that move our lives to more of a concrete society than a country field. Those are the small print articles in the paper that are easily skipped over until they become front page headlines and it is already been done.

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