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Turning 40!

Posted by cjoshua15 on August 8, 2006

Well, I thought that turning 40 was no big deal. I didn’t fall apart and break down. That happened over the past several years. Although the doctors have done good to rebuild me. I know that my friends enjoyed me turning 40 more than I did, but I’m not sure how that works if they are all quickly approaching 50! I’m looking at it like, I’m closer to half a century old but not quite. I should know more now and know better. That doesn’t always work. They figured that my ADD was being taken over by age, or at least that is a good reason for forgetting the same thing 3 times in a 2 minute span at WalMart and calling to be reminded what it was. It was entertaining enough for them to get me this hat to remind me of my forgetfulness.

Senior hat There is much to be said for having a senior moment. It handles getting me out of trouble because I just forgot, at least there is some sense behind it now. The gray hairs, they are still external storage from my brain being full and they sometimes remind me I am 40 and not 20. Getting a haircut is a serious brain dump.  I still haven’t figured out how to access the external storage.  Usually, it is way too late and I’ve done more than I should have. Any way, 40 isn’t so bad, when I start to act like I’m 40 then maybe things will be different. Until then, I am only as old as I act. Somedays, that isn’t much.

3 Responses to “Turning 40!”

  1. Dolan said

    Happy 40th! Let me explain the process of accessing the external storage you referred to. When you are trying to remember something or you start feeling a tad confused, just use one or more fingers from your right hand (or left hand, if you must) and begin lighting scratching the scalp. The more fingers employed in the process at any given time may result in faster data retrieval (your results may vary). This is also known as data-mining. One last thing… [he pauses and scratches head then hits submit]

  2. jipmeister said

    Well I’m glad to know you lived to tell and that you have a decent attitude about it. I’ve never really understood the people who get all freaked out and depressed about a certain birthday. The only reason I was a little down when I turned 26 is because it was such a ‘non-milestonish’ birthday…26 – so what. But that was QUITE some time ago.
    I’m actually looking forward to turning 40!!
    My 30’s were so much about dealing with the fall out from my 20’s that 40 looks like a good place to start fresh

  3. Bill said

    I just wanted to pass on some wisdom that I heard from Bill Cosby. He said that as you get older, your brain falls into your backside. He said he will walk into a room, forget what he was going in for (as the item is waving and hollering, “I’m over here!”). He will go back, sit down, then remember what it was. It really works, by the way!

    Congratulations on 40! PLEASE don’t ever act your age!! I just don’t think it would be nearly as fun!

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