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Enable the disabled

Posted by cjoshua15 on August 1, 2006

A woman walked five blocks to go to church, she was seen pacing the front doors of the church at six o’clock in the morning on Sunday, and the problem is the doors didn’t open until eight so she wondered away after an hour of waiting. What does a person who can’t remember the times do? Jesus loved the lost, whether loss of mind or loss of heart, he wants to fellowship with all and give them fullness in Him.

A handicapped man boards the bus at seven o’clock in the morning and must ride through the town for two hours just to get to church. This becomes tiring so it is easier just not to go. Why does it have to be so hard to get to church? Jesus healed the lame to walk again, why can’t we use our legs to get them where we can access so easily to worship the one who heals our hearts.

The blind man wants to know more about God but finding a church that accommodates his disability is difficult. Jesus healed the blind to see, why can’t we get passed the loss of sight to help him see his way to a life with God?

The child that doesn’t understand the meaning of God doesn’t come to church because no one takes the time to tell her who God is and how much He loves her. God wanted the children to come to Him, why aren’t we giving them a way to get to Him?

A convicted criminal is released into the world and wants to start a new life. Churches are everywhere but none seem excited about involving a reformed criminal. Why change life if no one cares? Jesus was crucified next to a criminal who he saved with His blood and took home to be with Him. Who are we to judge?

Be part of the cure, not the disease!


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