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FUGE day 5

Posted by cjoshua15 on July 21, 2006

we are so very tired today, pray for strength

MegaRelay is today during rec time and the kids are looking forward to it.

Tonite the track for choir performs as well as oe of the movement groups and we have folks in that.

Bill will compete in Dill or No Dill tonite for a chance at some great prizes, pray for him.

Continue to pray for the group as God is working in everyone.


4 Responses to “FUGE day 5”

  1. Maggie said

    Go Bill! Go Bill! Go Bill!!!

    Everyone keep up the good work. You’re in our prayers.

  2. vicki russell said

    Hey Guys!!
    Hang in there! I know you all must be tired but I’ll bet God is moving! We miss you all and can’t wait to hear all about your wonderful trip. Love to all!!

  3. cjoshua15 said

    MegaRelay is over! So cool to see the kids come together with kids from around the country and compete with each other having fun and getting dirty.

  4. cjoshua15 said

    It has been a week. Our kids are fuged. The nitelife has gone and bill and austin won us the camp $25 dvd. They are ready to come home but at the same time ready to stay.

    They are on fire for God and need to stay fueled.

    We won’t be leaving here until about lunch time and I’ll keep you posted here on our progress tomorrow. Pray for travel.

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