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FUGE day 4

Posted by cjoshua15 on July 20, 2006

today we are studying about the good shepherd and the whole day is centered on that

we have gotten teresa and dawne down rec hill walking the trail but they rode in the car going up

the kids have been great and it is fantastic to see them being such fine examples of worship leaders during the evening service

keep praying, God is doing great things with them this week


2 Responses to “FUGE day 4”

  1. cjoshua15 said

    we have had our first weather factor today, the bottom fell out about 2pm and it poured rain and hail

    everyone is okay just a little wet

    we have the talent show for nitelife tonite and the drama team auditioned as well as brandon, we won’t know who got any of the ten slots until dinner time

    I will keep you posted

  2. cjoshua15 said

    worship was AWESOME!

    God was there working in everyone of our kids. Hands reaching to Heaven, hearts open and tears flowing. His grace was abundant and His mercy was healing.

    The drama team was one of six that was selected to perform in the variety show last night and they were fantastic.

    everyone is getting tired so keep praying

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