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FUGE day 2

Posted by cjoshua15 on July 18, 2006

day 2 started with a good morning of Bible study in John 6. Last night they said we would talk about im and they meant I am. I was thinking if we would im the I AM what would I say? The I Am is the everything.

we all survived rec hill and karon even got passed through a human spider web (pictures to come)

the kids are great, keep praying they feel it


4 Responses to “FUGE day 2”

  1. cjoshua15 said

    what an awesome day!
    the kids had fun in all their track times and we got our group photo today
    evening worship was so reverent and the kids were totally in it
    austin won the dill or no dill contest at nightlife which has entered bro bill in the friday finale competition for some great prizes. austin dunked for dills and got 8, a new camp record

  2. Lavon said

    How is Teresa holding up? know that i am
    praying for you all.

  3. Dolan said

    Check this out http://www.eastdalebaptist.org/images/fuge2006-1/2.jpg

  4. cjoshua15 said

    Teresa and Dawne are surviving

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