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Posted by cjoshua15 on July 11, 2006

The two letters combined can be the most obscure word in the world and cause the most confusion and contemplation.

Reverse the letters. IF to FI

This was kind of cool that the fi are something called a ligature that removes the dot from the i and makes the fi like one connected thing. The if thing keeps us wondering about stuff and fi just puts it together as one. I want to be fi and stay connected with God. The if stuff just makes my head spend time thinking of stuff that could happen or might happen. The what is happening is all I need to be concerned about at one time.


One Response to “If…”

  1. edbc said

    ‘fi’ is also used in some computer scripts that tell the computer to stop asking ‘if’. Example to follow. I can ‘if’ some things to death. I need to learn when to ‘fi’.

    if (ls) then
    echo “OK”
    echo “NOT OK”

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