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Not a Sunday morning sermon…

Posted by cjoshua15 on July 6, 2006

I read Genesis 38 as a part of a Bible study. I’m not thinking this is one you use for a Sunday morning service. I asked the preacher and he LOL after he looked it up when I asked if he had ever planned on using that one for a Sunday morning service.

I know that everything in the Bible is God’s direction for us and we can learn from it all. But like this particular chapter, it was better presented and received in a small group Bible study.
Can you think of others that might not be the most appropriate for a Sunday morning service?


2 Responses to “Not a Sunday morning sermon…”

  1. jipmeister said

    How many times have you ever heard someone say they have been a christian all their life? How many times have you ever heard someone refer to their rich christian heritage in a way that is intended to be their own justification?
    This is a good example of that.
    Judah was not very honorable in several ways…first in not keeping his promise to Tamar to send his son Shelah to her so that she could bear children in the lineage of her late husband. This is such a strange concept to us but in those times it was a very important and honorable thing to have children and important to carry on that family line so that the deceased brother would have children to share in the family inheritance. Judah also thought nothing of having sex with a prostitute himself but intended to have Tamar put to death for prostitution…his own immorality didn’t cross his mind I guess.
    Of all of Jacob’s sons God chose for Jesus to come from the lineage of Judah. It’s a good example of Jesus being worthy because of who He is not as a result of hanging on the coat tails of his ancestors.
    A great heritage of earthly lineage is not something that many of us can brag about…not really. My lineage consists of some drunks, thieves, prostitutes, fornicators, adulterers, some jail birds and a few certifiably insane people….and that’s just the folks I KNOW about and they all lived within the last three generations or so!! My testimony is not in who my ancestors are but in what Jesus has done in some of those lives, especially mine, IN SPITE of that ancestory.

    maybe I’m reaching but see I think there’s something to work with in that passage! šŸ™‚

  2. cami said

    I agree, the Bible study did a great job directing that one in a direction I wasn’t prepared to go. The lineage of our lives is so varied with multitudes of individuality that make us so unique. The concept of carrying on the family name takes on a whole new direction that today would be considered just plain wrong. That was a different time and a different place. The fact that God killed the boys for their blatent disrespect of His laws was astounding to me. I can’t even begin to label the background of my immediate family or the previous few generations I do know about. But, thankfully, as I agree with you, it is what Jesus has done in spite of ourselves.
    I think the forwardness of the description was what I was leaning towards as scripture not good for a Sunday morning sermon. It may catch the attention of many but because of previous experience I can hear the snickers and oh my gosh that the meat of the message would be lost for the chatter about the words. It is one of those chapters, that without direct guidance, I probably would not have read or remembered I read it, because I didn’t understand the concept behind the words.

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