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My Red Bible

Posted by cjoshua15 on June 30, 2006

I went with others from church to a revival this past week and on the second night the revival pastor challenged everyone to have a red Bible like his by the last night.  He didn’t mentioned why, he just said to do it.  I didn’t have a problem with that because my Bible is red, at least one of them is anyway.  So I wasn’t too concerned about me but I was worried that others would have to spend money just to have a Bible like he wanted.  The last night he held up his Bible and asked for everyone to raise their red Bibles up.  The problem was his was black or blue, I was far enough away they are close.  Someone yelled back that his wasn’t red, his comment was just this, “My Bible is read, I know that it is, is yours?”  It was what we heard because he visually used a red Bible the night he challenged us.  I saw something and took that as the meaning instead of listening to what he was saying.

I was reminded that so many times I am guilty of seeing something and taking that as direction instead of listening to what God wants me to do.  Being patient and still and quiet to hear what God is saying is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I’m used to going at full speed and that tends to get me involved in way too many things and sometimes I can see where I might be squashing God’s direction or someone else’s blessing because I didn’t hear, I only saw.  God wants to guide me and direct me and I have to be willing to just be still a minute and hear AND see what He has in store for me.

My Bible is read, not as much as I would like to and not near as much as God would like for me to, that is another issue for another time.  I’m loving the Bible study we are doing at church, the portion of the Bible we are reading is really good reading and to me some of it is more risqué than a daytime soap opera.  The things I have learned about the lineage of the world and Christ is so cool, and quite alarming.  I know that I in myself can make my own sinful messes and because God says the world is sinful that means I’m not alone.  But I guess I had this picture image of the folks in the Bible being decent and good.  Then God revealed that He wanted me to know that we are all sinners and sometimes good things come out of the bad stuff.  With that said, I have learned when my Bible is read it doesn’t matter what color the outside is, it matters that I’m spending time in it.


One Response to “My Red Bible”

  1. Dolan said

    That’s too cool. I ask him Monday night how many he thought understood what he said about the “read Bible”? He just grinned. I am probably the world’s worst listener. That because I everything I hear goes through the “Dolan” filter. That is not always a good thing. Oh by the way your blog is red, too!

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