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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Posted by cjoshua15 on June 27, 2006

Yeah right! The stuff that has the statement “Lifetime Limited Warranty” requires that you put it away, never use it, don’t unwrap it and that keeps the warranty in place. What good is that? I buy things with extended coverage warranties when I see the need to protect the item from me. Ya know, like the 2 year extended warranty on the dryer, cuz I use it so much it will probably wear out before the 1 year warranty expires so the extra 2 years covers that 366th day when for sure the thing stops working properly. Lots of places are now offering extended warranties on products they sell. It makes the sales person some extra money in their commission check but most of the stuff won’t get used long enough to be warrantied. When the warranty runs out it is like well you are just out of luck and figure out some way to replace the product yourself.

That said, I wondered what if God put a Limited Lifetime Warranty on my salvation. Well, as long as you hide in a closet and don’t do anything wrong ever again you can enter into Heaven when you die. NOT! He knew me before He made me. He knew better. My salvation is secure and that is a great thing. This warranty on my salvation is not limited, it is unlimited. He knew I would sin, and I have, but He also knew that His children would come back to Him and ask for forgiveness and repent of the sin. I can’t imagine being able to do something that would void the warranty on my salvation. That is a scary thing.

Thank goodness for a loving and forgiving God. It is a wonderful thing there isn’t a bunch of small print that doesn’t make sense or can’t be read to take out my salvation. The warranty is very clearly delivered in the Bible. It is all there, spelled out and simple, accept Him. No additional cost for the lifetime warranty.


2 Responses to “Lifetime Limited Warranty”

  1. jipmeister said

    “but He also knew that His children would come back to Him and ask for forgiveness and repent of the sin”

    I know that there have been things in my life and periods of my life that I turned from God. I didn’t just turn my back but I turned my back and started cutting my own path in my own direction. Thankfully, He did draw me back and there was repentance and restoration.
    But I have to ask now, in light of your statement…what about those that don’t come back to Him?
    As long as they are still breathing we don’t know what the end result will be, perhaps there will be a turning in later years…who’s to know but the Lord. But what if there isn’t even then?
    How do we reconcile that?

  2. cami said

    I pondered on this all day and decided that it isn’t for me to decide. If they come back to Him of their own free will on this earth then what a great thing. If not, they will answer to Him when their life on earth is done. What happens at that point is just like our stop at that point, between God and them. I just abandoned God for several years of my life and held no value to His life or anything about Him. But, in His way, He drew me back to Him and the difference was I allowed myself to be drawn in by Him. The warranty is still good and what a great feeling it is to know I get to cash in on that warranty some day.

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