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Posted by cjoshua15 on June 14, 2006

If your current friends knew who you WERE, would they want to still be your friends?  Would your church accept you if they knew who you WERE?  Would your family want you if they knew who you WERE?

Why is it folks don’t know who were WERE?  Is it because of the fear of retribution?  Is it because it is just better that way?  Is it because of the remarks made behind your back?  Is it just because they wouldn’t understand?

Are we willing to wear the masks of who were ARE and without revealing who we WERE?  The Bible says we are new creatures after baptism and acceptance of Christ as our Savior.  That doesn’t mean our past goes away, it means we are forgiven for our past.  The past is your testimony for someone else’s future.  Not everyone can or will share their testimony in a huge auditorium to crowds of hundreds or thousands.  Not everyone will share their testimony with their church or even a small group.  But somewhere in life their testimony will be shared with a person that will need it at the appropriate moment to make a difference in their life.  God gives us our testimony and He guides us in the delivery of it and to whom.  We aren’t required to do a Billy Graham delivery to the city of New York in Central Park, we are only required to come to a point of repentance and forgiveness with God and then let Him take it from there. 

Do you love who you have become and do all these folks love that same person?  God does!


One Response to “WERE vs ARE”

  1. Deanna said

    I spent years behind one mask or another, I guess we all do to a certain extent. I lived in fear, real fear, that if anyone ever discovered who I had been or even who I was that I would be….what? condemed? cast out? what? I don’t know. What I have found in (very) recent years has been exactly opposite. For the most part I have not found condemnation from others within the church as I thought I would. I haven’t even had people talking about me behind my back! (or at least I don’t know it yet LOL) What I have found more often than not is understanding and compassion and, far more often than I wish were true, others who have been down the same paths I have. Sure there have been those exceptions but that has not been the norm.
    It’s just evidence of the lies that we become so easily convinced of…lies of the enemy. Satan works in those secret and shameful places..where ever there is darkness and secrecy he will bring shame and condemnation.

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