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Train Station

Posted by cjoshua15 on May 17, 2006

As her foot stepped off the train there were thousands of people crowded around the station. Her eyes lifted high as she searched through the sea of folks to find her own parents. She had phoned them the previous week to tell them she was coming home from college and to please pick her up at the station. She did not elaborate on why she was coming home, she just told them it would be discussed when she got home.

She continued peering into all the faces looking for her parents. As families and loved ones matched up exiting the train the crowd began to thin out and yet she still could not locate her parents. The luggage was being removed and she spotted her trunk and proceeded to drag it away from the tracks and into the station house. After an hour of anticipation of her parent's arrival she began to wonder if maybe they didn't want to come and get her because of her decision to leave the college. She dug out the change needed to use the pay phone and tried to call the house but got no answer.

She found a seat on the bench near the phones and began to replay all the events that had occurred before she left for school only 3 months earlier. It wasn't the best going away party. Actually, it was pretty stressed. Her parents had wanted her to stay in town and get her general studies at the local college and live at home, but she thought she needed to get away and see what it was like to live in the dorm and do the college campus stuff. There was no scholarship and so the money came from her parent's retirement savings. They had paid up front for two semesters and her father had taken a second job to help pay for the tuition that would be due later in the year.

The dorm life was more than she had ever expected. The parties and staying up all hours of the night. No real studying and no parents to tell her what to do or give advice. They were a phone call away, but didn't need to know that she was failing all of her courses and had spent every dime of her monthly allowance on parties and alcohol; both of which were nothing she had ever been involved with prior to college. But now she had come to terms with the fact that it wasn't the life she wanted for herself. Her parents had taught her that God loved her more than that and doesn't want her life wasted on those foolish parties.

After realizing that her parents just weren't coming to get her she decided to use her last 10 bucks to take a cab home because she didn't know where else to go. The ride would take about 20 minutes and she just tried to figure out what to say when she got there. As the drive came to and end she could see the long driveway of her parents house come into view. There were dozens of cars all along the driveway. She began to panic. What has happened? The cab came to a stop and she tossed the money into the front seat and ran to the house. When she opened the door a whole houseful of people yelled SURPRISE! Her parents were waiting with opened arms and hugged her like never before. They were giving her a homecoming party like no other party she had ever been to. There was no alcohol involved or other unnecessary things. Just family and friends and lots of love.

She began to cry and asked her parents why. They replied, "We love you no matter what and we are glad you made the choice to come home where you know it is right for you to be. We are just so glad that you made the decision to leave that life and come back to where you belong."

Isn't that how God wants it? Just stay in His way. His love is there no matter what but to listen to Him and follow Him will keep us from having that separation that brings us to a place we don't belong. He has given us all that we need and we are alive in the fact that He loves us unconditionally.

Enjoy being in God's love. Share with those that have strayed or never found Him. To know that we have such a loving God is such an awesome feeling. Share it today. 


One Response to “Train Station”

  1. Bill said

    I was reading this story (which is great by the way!) and I was putting myself and Karon in the place of the parents and Elizabeth in the place of the girl. Thanks for the illustration, it helped me to see just a tiny bit from God’s eyes. I wonder some times how He could love me, but then I think “How could I NOT love Elizabeth!” I am in no way comparing my love with the Father’s (that’s like comparing an ant with the universe) but it just helped me see things a little more clearly!

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