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Religion Test

Posted by cjoshua15 on May 4, 2006

Okay, I think I have seen the extent of the Internet now. I was looking for something about turn-of-the-century inventors and innovations and one of the pages I landed on had some advertisements all over. One of them went like this: Which religion is right for you? Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, or Gaia. Find the faith that fits, Take the FREE Religion Test.

Oh my gosh! First off I had no idea what Gaia is, and I’m a little of afraid now that I looked it up. This goes back to same old thing, find what fits for you and life is good, NOT! Isaiah 45:14 reads ..’Surely God is with you, and there is no other; there is no other god.’

I’m jumping out there but there is only one God and only one religion, God of the heavens and the earth, creator of all and one religion, Christianity. This is not a test, this is life and only by the grace of God can we do life on this earth at all. Even better, we have a life to look forward to after this life on earth with our Father in Heaven.


2 Responses to “Religion Test”

  1. Dolan said

    I’ve been yapping about what I call “designer religions” for several years now. If one looks long enough one will find a religion or denomination that fits in with ones lifestyle. Thus, very little change is required from said “seeker”. However, I have resigned myself to the fact that all I can do is pray for people and be the best witness for Christ that I can be. So I go to a Baptist church – that makes me a Baptist. So, I go to a Methodist church – that makes me a Methodist. As long, as I am following Christ – that makes me a Christian first and foremost.

  2. Deanna said

    Interesting comment of Dolan’s about following Christ. There are so many – and I have been one myself – who follow God. They follow Him from one worship service to another, from one christian concert to another, from one Bible study to another – wherever they think He might show up they will be there. There were many who followed Jesus around – wherever He was “appearing” they’d be there and hang out and wait for the marvelous and miraculous but they didn’t really “get” him. At the end of the day they went home until the next show, unchanged. But there were those who were followers of Christ – His disciples, who were compelled to continue beyond showing up for the “show” because they had encountered Jesus Christ, they were changed. They were the ones hanging out afterwards when Jesus would explain his teachings to them, they hungered for more than the experience – they hungered for Jesus Himself.

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