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Church time

Posted by cjoshua15 on May 3, 2006

I was listening to a conversation about a church that is cancelling their Wednesday night service because of lack of attendance.  I have read some statistics about churches around the country doing the same thing.  Folks have decided that other things take up their time on Wednesday nights and once a week of church is enough.  So, what do you think?


4 Responses to “Church time”

  1. Shirley said

    I think it is sad. Already, few churches have Sunday evening services. Our priorities are skewed, God help us.



  2. Dolan said

    I vote yes for Wednesday night. It’s my mid-week refueling stop.

  3. cami said

    I went tonight and it reminded me of how much I really get a charge from this mid-week fill up. The topic in prayer meeting we are having right now is good food for the soul.

  4. jipmeister said

    I don’t necessarily think it must be a Wednesday night thing – if it’s a Tuesday night Bible study or Wednesday night prayer meeting or Thursday morning service or Bible study – the point is the same, the refueling. Taking time during the business of the week to re-focus on Jesus – imagine what that would be like to have that purposeful and deliberate refocusing time EVERY day! 🙂

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