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Blind View

Posted by cjoshua15 on May 3, 2006

Have you seen the bumper sticker “In Case of Rapture, This Car will be Unmanned”?  Some folks just don’t get it.  Our God has promised that there will be a Second Coming of Jesus Christ and all His children will join Him in Heaven.  The pictures the Bible paints draw images on our hearts of what it will be like to embrace our Savior and reside with Him in Heaven.

Books and movies like the Left Behind series give us an even more visual representation of what others see the End Times evolving into.  What about those left behind?  What about those right now that leave this earth without being saved?  Are you praying daily for those that have yet to find Jesus Christ or just flat refuse to believe?  You know that there is so much more beyond this physical life with our Father and it is sad that there are those that won’t ever experience it.  We are here to further the Kingdom of God for those that will leave this earth before the rapture and prepare those that will experience the rapture.  It seems like all we hear is spread the Word and work hard for the Lord.  These good deeds don’t get us into Heaven for it is by faith we are saved, but God requires us to propagate the Gospel until all have heard it.

Don’t miss a chance to invite someone to join you at the party there will be in Heaven, whether it comes before or after the rapture.  Envision a world without a place in Heaven for you, it doesn’t take eyes to see it.  This picture is drawn on your heart.  Draw this picture for someone else today, make it a priceless piece of art for their soul.

Chapter 21 & 22 of Revelation describes Heaven and the second coming.  Absolutely breathtaking!

The vision of whispy fields filled my eyes
As I gazed in search of my Father.
The marshmallow filled clouds float by
Giving way to the Heaven of my heart.
God blesses me to see more than the simple
And my soul to peer deeper within.
The carpet beneath my knees worn thin
From intimate conversations with the one true God.
The color filled view seen through closed lids
That know of no true light.
A promise made so long ago opens a window
To the mind that draws the world on my heart.
The Lord will open my eyes one day
And the vision will include streets of gold.
The light will shine forever and
The eyes will close no more.


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