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Posted by cjoshua15 on April 28, 2006

Why is Friday so different from Monday? I have heard several times today, TGIF. Sure, for most of us Saturday is a day off from work but I’m thinking that Monday should be a great day because Sunday was a rejuvinating spirit from church. I like the feeling of having a refueling per se on Sunday and then again on Wednesday night at church. If I miss one of those I feel all out of sorts. I know that we are supposed to be refueled by our own time alone with the Lord, but there is just something about folks called by God sharing His word and the music that add fuel to the flame that is fading from the souled out world.

I’m thinking we should be in a good mood and happy to see Monday come just as much as Friday. Besides, like a wise man once told me, Friday is only 3 days closer to the next Monday. I’m glad for all the days and I do like Fridays, but I’m trying to make every day like any other. Isn’t it great just to wake up today? If you are saved, waking up on any day is good, either on earth or in Heaven one day.

Have a great weekend!


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