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If someone only knew

Posted by cjoshua15 on April 24, 2006

Before you know people are praying, they are.
Before you know people are caring, they are.
While you are hurting, friends are kneeling.
While you are weeping, friends are weeping for you.
For that which has come into our lives with love and life, it may leave our life with fury and pain.
When the tire marks are faded from our body the internal bruises still ache in the darkness.
After the faded marks and bruises disappear we find that life didn’t seem very fair.
But, with a God like we have life goes on.
Not to say there won’t be heartache, that only makes us better.
For what you had when you had it give thanks, life grows and glows from those pains.
Today brings new things in life that yesterday couldn’t hold.
Tomorrow will bring more color in life that you didn’t see today.
Because we can’t touch it doesn’t mean it isn’t real, but because it is real we can hold it dear.
God loves you and so do your friends.


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